The Top Four Serums For Healthy Skin

The serums offered by Osmosis represent the most cutting edge approach to permanent skin improvement. Let's look at these amazingly effective products.
First is the retinaldehyde group of products. These start with Calm and progress in strength to the super potent Correct. Although powerful, these serums will not irritate the skin and can and should be applied to the eye area. Retinaldehyde is a derivative of retinoids acid or Vitamin A. It is highly bioavailable and converts rapidly in the skin to retinol avid, the only FDA approved treatment for wrinkles and sun damage. Results are apparent rapidly and continue to build. There is no ugly stage unlike with Retin-A.

The next serum is Catalyst AC -11, derived from the herb cats claw. This serum is for textural improvement. It will improve fine lines and scarring. Like all serums it is used twice daily and should be applied after spraying with Boost to assist in penetration.

The next important serum is Stemfactor derived from human stem cells. Stem cells have the ability to convert into any type of cell in the body. These are not derived from embryonic tissue but from adipose tissue processed in tightly controlled lab conditions. These are vastly superior to stem cells derived from plants like apple or grape stem cells, which have no affinity to the skin as they do not contain the exosome or delivery system of the stem cell, therefore they cannot unlock the opening to the cell to penetrate and encourage the cell nucleus to function more effectively.

This product must be applied first and alone. All other serums can be cocktailed and applied together.

The last serum is Replenish, a blend of fourteen antioxidants which greatly improves the overall condition of the skin in a variety of ways.

That's the scoop in the wonderful array of Osmosis serums. They will truly improve your skin dramatically.