The Science Behind Internal Causes and Skin Health

Many common skin conditions are triggered and exacerbated by internal problems. Acne, eczema, psoriasis, sebaceous hyperplasia and seborrhiac dermatitis are all examples of internally caused skin issues. These are all toxin purges, not bacterial infections or genetic autoimmune conditions. As such, conventional treatments with steroids or immune modulators are rarely effective and are dangerous.

There are four main categories of acne purging. The first is mucus buildup which shows up as blackheads on the nose. Candida is the cause of acne in the chin and jawline. The jawline can also be hormonal acne and preservatives in our food supply.

The skin is after all a detox organ along with the liver and kidneys. It is a messenger and we are just beginning to understand the message.
The neck area shows pesticide exposure. Chlorine exposure shows on the chest, back and shoulders. The delicate microbiome must be kept in balance. Many toxins are added to our food and water supply. A shower filter will help protect your skin. What triggers the genes turning on and off? Poisons, emotions and preservatives. Try to minimize all of these. Emotional Well Being is a powerful frequency water that will assist in healing these inflamed areas on the skin. Melasma is triggered by anger and a manifestation of liver impairment.
Rescue, a topical formula from ozonized ethyl oleate will rapidly and permanently resolve the inflamed skin conditions.

In summary, many skin conditions are a reflection of internal issues and can be treated topically and internally with great success using the incredible Osmosis range of products.