Pandemic Skin Conditions

The current health care crisis has triggered a variety of skin conditions.
People are asking why their skin is freaking out. Staying home has increased the consumption of sugary, preservative - laden foods. These foods contain estrogen- mimicking qualities. They also damage the microbiome which leads to digestive issues. Jawline acne is increasing as the delicate estrogen testosterone balance is disrupted. Your natural estrogens decrease and testosterone and progesterone increase. This can be treated successfully with Skin Defense which is activated charcoal which works better than chelation therapy.

We are also seeing an increase in upper face acne again caused by candida. There are about 56 different strains of candida which can lead to eczema, sebaceous hyperplasia and seborrhic dermatitis. These are tied to mucus over exposure. They inflame the digestive tract. Candida is a natural component of our microbiome. Inflammation is also caused by post nasal drip consumption of dairy, orange juice and ice cream. Ice cream is particularly bad as it contains sugar and dairy.
We are seeing an increase in upper eyelid irritation caused by stress. This can be successfully treated with Osmosis Rescue, Remedy, Skin Perfection and Skin Clarifier.

See your esthetician for guidance on how to treat these conditions.