The Importance of the Microbiome

Your microbiome is more than your gut health. It's your entire body, including your skin, the body's largest organ. Your microbiome provides protection from the elements and many harmful substances.

Much of what we do can compromise the delicate microbiome. Harsh cleansers, strong skincare products like retinols , vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids all disturb the microbiome. Just like you need probiotics for your gut health, you need probiotics for ideal skin health. Like those for your digestive track, these must be live probiotics. These will balance the good and bad bacteria. When these are in the proper ratio, your skin health dramatically improves. The correct live probiotics will also work with your unique skin chemistry to form Vitamin A , vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids on your skin, so these other products are unnecessary. You will see progressive improvements in your skin from continual use of live probiotics. This is especially beneficial for sensitive skin and rosacea.