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Depend On Us For Body Wraps, Aromatherapy, And More In Bedford, MA

Show Off Your Best Self

Your skin is unique, which is why you'll find customized skin solutions at Carmel del Mar in Bedford, MA. Our professionals will consult with you to find the just-right skin care regimen.

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Are you struggling to feel at home in your skin? You could find a solution with:

  • Body wraps-$60, 45 minutes-Sit back and relax while we exfoliate and moisturize your skin with wraps like RepĂȘchage Peppermint Sea Twist.
  • Aromatherapy-$85, 45 minutes-Using Eve Taylor organic essential oils and creams, we'll strive to provide unparalleled results for your skin issues.

Discover what aromatherapy, body wraps and more can do for your skin. Call 301-547-5295 now to make an appointment in Bedford, MA.

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