Holistic Skin Mapping

Holistic skin mapping is a proven method for diagnosing skin problems caused by internal distress. It is similar to Chinese Face Mapping, but we at Osmosis believe our methodology is more effective at pinpointing the causes of external skin issues.

Let's take a look at the map of your face and what could be going on internally.
First is the under eye area which corresponds to the kidneys. This region can see under eye bags and dark circles. Another culprit for under eye issues is sodium benzoate, a preservative found in soda.

The upper eye indicates the adrenal glands. This area can often see eczema like symptoms, such as redness and flaking.

Moving down to the nose, this region corresponds to the digestive tract. Also problems in this area indicate stress. The left eye indicates the feminine connection, while the right eye indicates the masculine connection. You may be struggling with a feminine or masculine relationship. Resolving the relationship issue will often improve the problem area.

The nose continues the digestive area. Often rosacea and rhinophyma are seen in this region. A possible culprit is alcoholism.

Acid reflux is seen on the sides of the nose. Also esophagus issues are seen here. Blackheads on the nose indicate mucus buildup while breakouts indicate candida. Post nasal drip is indicated here also. This changes the bug population if your esophagus. Diet is a big factor here.

The small intestine is seen on the sides of the nose in a one inch strip going down to the jawline .

The large intestine is indicated on the cheeks, temples and forehead. The middle of the forehead shows mucus buildup.

The mouth can present with perioral dermatitis. This area shows the liver. Also the liver is indicated on the jawline. This can be caused by preservatives in our food. These can cause hormonal acne on the chin and jawline.

The chest can indicate chlorine exposure. Along with the back. Avoid pea protein as it can cause breakouts on the neck and back.

Once your esthetician has properly diagnosed your conditions she will begin treating them effectively. An internal and external approach is most effective. Topically, Rescue, or ozonized ethyl oleate, is highly effective at calming the redness and acne.

The internal supplements are frequency waters. These are based on Nobel prize winning science. The theory is that every cell and organ in the body operates at a different frequency. Therefore you need to supplement with that frequency. These waters are taken in the tongue twice daily. Seven drops are indicated if you are over 170 pounds, five if under 170 pounds. Improvement is rapid and permanent. Additionally, digestive enzymes are given to assist in supporting the digestive system. Speak to your esthetician about your skin concerns, as all conditions can be improved or completely resolved.