Preservatives, Emulsifiers and Colorants In Our Food Supply

Today there are many substances allowed in our food and water that are banned in the E U , U K and Canada.

This is allowed as the food lobby is especially powerful in the US.
Here are some of the commonly found preservatives lurking in our food supply.
Benzoates, Sorbates, Propionates, Nitrites, Sulfites,Tocopheralor Vitamin E, Disodiom Ethylendiaminetetraacetic acid, Polyphosphates, Citric acid. These preservatives prevent deterioration and spoilage from mild, yeast, botulism and food poisoning. They reduce food cost and prolong shelf life.

Additionally, emulsifiers are added to foods to extend shelf life and change the texture of the natural food. Some common emulsifiers are mustard, soy and egg lecithin, mono and diglycerides, polysorbates, carrageenan , guar gum and canola oil.

Here is a list of artificial colorants used in our food supply.

Red dye #3, Red dye #40, Yellow dye # 5, Yellow dye # 6, Blue dye #1, Blue dye #2 and Green dye #3.

Red dye # 3 is used in candy and popsicles. Red dye #40 is used in sports drinks, candy, condiments and cereals.Yellow dye #5 is used in cereals. It has been linked to behavioral changes in children, who are the largest consumers of these dyes. It has also been linked to irritability, restlessness, depression and sleep disturbances. The FDA has stated that " these additives are deemed safe until proven harmful"!

Green dye # 3 is called fast green and is banned in the E U. Animal studies have found that these dyes have been linked to brain tumors. Red dye # 3 is the most controversial , having been linked to thyroid tumors. It is still used in maraschino cherries, candies and popsicles. These dyes are made from petroleum . Manufacturers prefer artificial color ants over natural ones as they give a more vibrant color to the food.

Here are some of the toxins found in our water supply.
Chlorine, fluorine compounds, Trihalomethanes, hormones, pesticides, trace prescription drugs, lead and PFOA. Most of these substances have been linked to cancer.

In addition, aluminum, ammonia, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chloramine, chromium, copper, fluoride, bacteria and viruses, lead, nitrites and nitrates, Mercury, perchlorate, radium, selenium, silver and uranium have been found in our waster supply. Your best defense is a water filter specifically designed to eliminate these substances. Don't forget to install a shower filter as well, as your skin is permeable. You can purchase a shower filter for around $25 from Amazon. The EPA has identified in excess of 80 contaminants like chemicals, radionuclides and minerals in our water supply. These increase cancer, liver and / or kidney problems and reproductive difficulties. After acute ingestion, the symptoms of toxicity will appear within hours or days. Most bodies can fight off these toxins, nonetheless they are harmful.

Your best defense is a diet of natural, organic foods. Labeling is improving so consumers can clearly identify pure, natural foods. Also, add the appropriate filters for your water. There are also toxins allowed in our cosmetics and personal care products. Try to buy organic products when possible. A good skin care clinic will offer high quality, organic products at all price points. If you have any questions about the issues covered in this article or questions, please feel free to submit them to www.

It is a good idea to question your representatives in government about the disparity between the allowed substances in the U S vs the U K, E U and Canada.