What's Possible

In a few words , lots. Most skin issues can be dramatically improved even cured with our interventions.

The most challenging condition is still acne. But thanks to ozonized ethyl oleate, we can dramatically improve even cure most types of acne you may have. The same products that treat your acne will also calm down your redness and irritation. You will experience virtually no peeling either. Even cystic acne responds to this line of treatment. I suffered from cystic acne for fifty years until I found Osmosis Rescue which is ozonized ethyl oleate.

For aging skin and wrinkles, also much can be improved with the use of a retinaldehyde, vitamin C, niacinamide , growth factors and stem cell therapies. We can usually take off ten to twenty years from your face. The more sun damaged and wrinkles that are apparent , the more dramatic the improvement. Results are noticeable after a couple of weeks of diligent use of products and will peak at twelve weeks.

Sensitivity can be greatly improved with ozonized ethyl oleate, licorice, bear berry and niacinamide or vitamin B 3.
It is important to utilize all of the products we recommend as they work synergistically. A cleanser is the first step and several types are available depending on your issues and skin type. Then comes the various serums. All serums can be " cocktailed" in the palm of your hand then applied together, with the exception of Stemfactor , which has a large molecule , and therefore must be applied first and by itself.

If brightening is your concern, your best option is niacinamide, the star of the K - beauty world. This form of vitamin B - 3 is derived from sake , a Japanese fermented liquor. This ingredient calms, brightens and hydrates, while also improving acne.

In summary, most skin issues respond beautifully to the proper ingredients , but you must be diligent and use the products as directed twice a day . Also sun protection is a must as uv damage is the main cause of aging and wrinkles. A broad spectrum pleasant to use formula is a must everyday sun or no sun as you accumulate incremental sun damage even driving in your car . It is not sunshine but sunlight that is the damaging force. Even on a cloudy day , you can sustain uv damage.

Speak to us about your skin concerns and advise us of your budget . We have several lines available at various price points, as good skin care should be available to everyone.